Achieve Six Sigma honors those who work hard to make our world a better and safer place with 100% off Yellow Belts course for Essential Workers and 50% off for anyone affected by the COVID-19 virus. 

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Achieve Six Sigma has developed strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, Unions, State and Local Government to offer special pricing.  We also work with Veterans, Historically Underutilized Businesses, Unemployed Workers and Students to expand their opportunities to achieve.

$500 Free

For all Essential Workers 

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Subject matter expert on a project that are responsible for identifying processes that could benefit from improvement and for running smaller process improvement projects.  This certification is prefect for a college student or graduate looking to build their credentials.

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$700 $200

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For Unemployed, Students, Medical Professionals, State and Local Government

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

Leaders who are capable of  facilitating Six Sigma Teams and managing project from concept to completion. This certification is ideal for graduate students or mid level managers in every field of business who want to take their careers to the next level. 

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$1400 $400

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For Veterans, Union Workers, Historically Underprivileged Businesses, Fortune 500 companies

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Recognized as one of the most valued members of an organization, Six Sigma Black Belts are actively involved in achieving strategic goals for their organizations.  This training allows you to be successful in obtaining  senior level management positions.

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Steven L. Whitmarsh Economic Hardship Grant

Steven Whitmarsh worked as a Quality Manager for over 40 years.  He was an admired and respected quality expert in many industries, including Oil, Gas, and Aerospace.  His expertise in quality was only exceeded by his compassion for those in need.  His endowment not only allowed us to provide free Yellow Belt Training to Essential Workers, but also allows us to provide additional Green and Black Belt training to those experiencing severe economic hardship,  If you are experiencing hardship, please apply for a grant by contacting us below.