How long will it take
We recommend taking an appropriate amount of time to learn the content of your course. Balancing home, work and study for a Green Belt will take 2 months or more. A Black Belt can take 4- 6 months, depending on the availability of your project.


What will I receive on completion of the course
Unlike some providers that will send you a PDF file to print out upon completion. You will receive an ultra-high quality professional certification suitable for framing. You will have completed one of the best training programs in the world and you should be able to proudly showcase this in your work portfolio or display these credentials in your office. Our certifications do not state the course was completed online


Do I need to complete a project
  • Green Belts will be given a case study to demonstrate the appropriate us of tools in Excel .
  • Black Belts must complete a project demonstrating the use of proper tools for each phase of the DMAIC and deliver a presentation in Power Point, Sigma XL to calculate independent data. If you do not have data, we recommend creating a common catapult or helicopter experiment.


How can I use my company’s data for my project?
You can remove proprietary such as company name, location, or  information of variable data by renaming the variables.  For example, product number 12345 could be renamed Widget A.  You can also send us a formal Non-Disclosure Statement (NDA) from your legal team


What if I have connection issues during the test?

We are your partners in success and we are here to remove roadblocks, not create them.

Simply contact us and we will address any problems that you encounter. We have a customer first policy and your complete satisfaction is important to us.


What if I already hold a previous Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt

We stand apart from the countless Six Sigma providers in terms of quality and content. Our course is developed in a three step format that builds upon the unique knowledge provided in each area. We seldom accept outside credentials, yet we selectively accept certifications from

  • Gemba Academy
  • American Society for Quality
  • Council for Six Sigma Certification providers
  • American Institute for Quality providers




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